The world is torn by an unprecedented energy crisis. Availability of oil has dramatically deteriorated and price increased so that it is causing an immediate threat to the world economy. Almost all nations are affected by the crisis. Countries possessing the very last resources are not willing to sell oil anymore in the open market. Instead, they try to preserve oil and guarantee sufficient availability for their own military and selected national industry establishments. Advantage for these countries is remarkable. Recession and uncommon situation in the energy market has a devastating effect on all areas of industry across all continents. Recession has led to trade wars between nations, trade wars to protectionism, then to suspicion and general lack of trust between leaders. Citizens’ discontent and civic movements in democratic and pseudo-democratic nations have slowly been channeled to fuel national populism and cult leaders’ grace. These are considered the dominant ideologies throughout almost all noteworthy countries and nationalities.

Trying to solve the problem peacefully, scientific community all over the world have been seeking alternative sources of energy. Up till now, they haven’t really succeeded. Conferences in the field of science have lately been practically the only international forums that are not concluded by endless debate, argument and bout between blocks formed by different national groups. Actual technological breakthroughs have so far been rare, excluding some small, local renewable solutions. Nothing that would satisfy the ever-growing need for energy exists. The future is, simply put, uncertain.

Behind the scenes, Russian government have been preparing an operation of their own. They have come up with a very potential concept of ”gravitational force field” and have an army of top-class scientists working on it. There have been very little facts available to the outside world, but ever so many rumors. Energy production specialists around the world have been extremely skeptical, understandably. Also understandably, security experts have been quite concerned about the progress. Military is curious, in the U.S, in Britain, everywhere. All the time, rumors of every imaginable energy source have been going back and forth in national and international media.

However, only one thing is given: nationalistic domain in Russia are very strictly against providing potentially useful information to foreign governments at any price imaginable, if any such information exists. They demand that any new technology and scientific expertise stays in the hands of Russia, enforcing economic protectionism. This technology is Mother Russia’s honor, and it shall not be given away. Instead, it shall be harnessed to help create the proud superpower that the former era of fossil fuel almost, but not quite, made possible. Like Great Patriotic War, every sacrifice must be made to return the glory of the one superpower, the birth-right that was taken away. Among these ultranationalists, lives an age-old thought of Russian federation as a direct heir of Roman Empire. That a new, revolutionary source of energy is found by Russia is a sign. It is a mission for the strongest of all nations.

This ultra-nationalistic secret society has been growing lately. More and more powerful people are joining, while distrust in the international community is emerging. It is rumored that key people from the Duma and military may have joined. That even general Kondratiev, the legendary war hero himself, the man who many expect to once lead the nation, may have joined.

The society gained some unforeseen resources, when its leaders managed to ally with the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy are in a difficult position. It is very much in their interest to re-gain their former leadership in the changing economy. They want to be involved in this new providence. In fact, they want more than involvement. Because the oil market is totally nationalized, the Oligarchs are ready and willing to make considerable personal investments in the new “Russian” energy source. In return, they only wish to have certain benefits related to their personal immunity, political influence and something they call peace among the society. Coming out of all this, is an unholy union of the Oligarchy and the ultra-nationalists. This union equips the core of the secret society with the kind of resources that enables it to reform into a militaristic organization; a nation inside a nation, if you will. Soon enough it will grow its tendrils all around Russian elite, government and military.

Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin and now, General Kondratiev.