Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Development Kit

Demon Core is created using Unreal Development Kit, based on Unreal Engine 3. Some of the technologies involved are state-of-the-art game physics engine powered by NVIDIA’s PhysX system, visual elements utilizing Microsoft DirectX 11, FaceFX facial animation and 3D location based sound. Physical animation system enables animation and physical response to impulses to be blended seamlessly. Visit and to learn more.

In the first phase, Demon Core will be implemented for PC and Mac OS X platforms.


Microsoft Kinect and NaturalPoint TrackIR

A built-in feature of Demon Core is head movement tracking with NaturalPoint TrackIR and Microsoft Kinect. The game allows the player to use 6 Degrees-of-Freedom head tracking technology, which links the actual player’s movement in three-dimensional space to the in-game view. As you move in your chair and rotate your head small amounts, your game-view will precisely correspond. You never have to look away from the monitor because all aspects of your motion are amplified and adjustable. Mouse, keyboard or gamepad are now freed to do the things you’d expect your hands to be doing.