Gameplay Elements

The Special Forces arsenal from tactical pistols to sniper rifles and semi-automatic grenade launchers will be available to you. But to survive against the overwhelming enemy, you need more than just weapons. You’ll play dirty to stay alive; feign death to hide from enemy squads, pretend to surrender to approach them.

Here are two examples of the methods you can use to deceive and conquer your enemies.


There are places where you can set up a trap. Picture a room with multiple entry points. You know that the place is soon going to be swarming with enemy soldiers. You have a couple of weapons to spare. Use them to set up the trap and hide!

Remotely control your trap by using your heads-up display or leave the trap in automatic mode. Either way, incoming enemies don’t know what just happened to them. Once it’s all over, use whatever you got to clear the last few of them.


Feigning death and blending in

Feign death by laying down among casualties and fallen enemies. In certain kinds of locations it may be more believable than in others. Among the dead or hurt, or on top of a blood pool you will usually have greater success in deceiving the enemy. If you pretend to be the only dead body in otherwise a clean room, they will come check. You can use these open areas to lure the enemy, but don’t expect to succeed every time!

While lying down your aiming and movability are restricted. You cannot switch weapons or change magazines without exposing yourself. You can still shoot, at least to take that first shot. But do it only after careful consideration, especially if there’s a whole squad of enemy soldiers right in front of you. Better yet, let them pass and sneak up on them…

Hide in the shadows or behind objects and assess the situation carefully. You may find a safe way around the enemy. Or use that precious hiding time just to plan your attack better.