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How to get the attention of a Russian city of 500,000 people

Demon Core has been going around lots of headlines for quite a bit now, especially after we launched our Indiegogo campaign. Sites like, StrategyInformer, GamersHell, HeyPoorPlayer, PlayNation among many many others have covered the story of our story driven first person shooter, trying to make a difference in a multiplayer dominated genre. We were […]

Demon Core on Indiegogo

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched an Indiegogo campaign for our upcoming first title, Demon Core. The campaign will be running for the next 46 days and we’re looking to raise 180 000 dollars, which will all be put into good use in the development process. The perks range from 5 dollars all the […]

The second game video

The second video is all about the shoot! There are also some new environments we’d like to present to you. Find the video at Steam Greenlight. While you’re watching, please cast your Greenlight vote to support us!