How to get the attention of a Russian city of 500,000 people

Demon Core has been going around lots of headlines for quite a bit now, especially after we launched our Indiegogo campaign. Sites like, StrategyInformer, GamersHell, HeyPoorPlayer, PlayNation among many many others have covered the story of our story driven first person shooter, trying to make a difference in a multiplayer dominated genre. We were excited about the coverage and it generated healthy traffic to our Greenlight page. But then, one day, about a hundred posts in Russian and English about Kemorovo started appearing.






We were flabbergasted. Local news? What’s this? This required some looking into. A quick search with “Demon Core Kemerovo” and BANG. A headline in Russian after the other with the name “Demon Core” in it. I’ve studied Russian enough to be able to read through the headlines and recognize the name of Kemerovo as well. However, some translating was in order.


Turns out, the residents of the 500,000 people city of Kemerovo were profoundly confused about how their city had become the place of choice for Apex Games.  The locals had speculated everything from a person of the dev team being from Kemerovo (which, we can sadly tell you, isn’t true) to having heard Boris Grebenshikov’s “Man From Kemerovo” (this rather smooth tune: Even an official of the region, Anton Gorelkin, made a statement to the press that he welcomes the publicity coming with the announcement of the game and it’s future release. Some sources even claimed the residents had contacted the officials, wanting to know if there was an actual secret laboratory beneath the city! The official sources NATURALLY denied everything, but I think we all know what’s brewing down there…

How did this happen? Making an entire town confused, from the officials through the academics to the residents themselves.

Apparently after Russian gaming sites, such as RiotPixels, picked up the story and brought up that the events of the game will take place in an undisclosed location somewhere close to Kemerovo, the story started to spread further. We don’t know the details, but as the story went on and through other sites and medias in Russia, when it reached the residents of Kemerovo, they were surprised, and, according to the press, very pleased about their city being featured in the game!

All this certainly brought us welcome attention in Russia! The whole deal was must’ve been as confusing to us as to the residents of Kemerovo, but now all this seems like a good story to tell. If you want to see all the articles that popped up, try searching them for yourself; “Demon Core Kemerovo”. If anyone wants to go as far and sum up what they actually wrote (relying heavily on Google Translate here) that would be awesome!

Even though some comments say that it would be awesome if the game featured some environments from Kemerovo itself, for now we’re focusing on making the game as polished as we can as it is. But who knows, if everything goes well, maybe there’ll be a couple of extra levels coming in…we’ll see. ;)

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