Demon Core

Demon Core is a first-person survival action game, a fight for freedom against an overwhelming enemy, featuring an edgy female protagonist; a scientist forced to take up arms when everything falls apart. Aspects of the game are unique artistic style created with Unreal Engine 3, combining near-future high technology with exotic Russian design and innovative gameplay elements.


  • Animation projects

    13 Jul 2016

    There are some nice animation and VR related projects we’ve been doing lately. We are strengthening our skills in VR and the pipeline involved. It’s an interesting new media and there will definitely be some advanced applications also outside games.

  • Demon Core AI

    13 Jan 2016

    A lot of work has been done on the AI lately. We were not satisfied on some of the aspects of how the enemy AI was handling certain situations and reacting to the player’s decisions. Many parts of the logic have been rewritten, and the soldiers are starting to show some serious skills now.

  • Lintukoto – a live action roleplaying game

    1 Jun 2015

    During the last few weeks, we’ve been participating in the development of a live action game called Lintukoto, together with students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It’s been a fantastic experience and we’ve certainly learned a lot about live gaming, realtime performance capturing, virtual reality and so much other great stuff. About Lintukoto elsewhere […]